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Supporting Studies at CYM

Theory writer

 Supporting Studies

Supporting Studies is a Musicianship class at CYM to help students develop the skills they need to improve their music making. Performing with others requires musicians to do a number of different things at the same time – listen to themselves and others, play in time with other people and follow a conductor, as well as play the instrument and follow written scores. In supporting studies classes we separate these activities and use a wide range of teaching styles to enable pupils to develop specific skills.  Pupils are taught to hear music in their heads as they read it and shown how to internalise rhythms as well as consolidating their understanding of basic music theory.  Supporting studies classes are taught using practical work, reading and listening.

In addition students learn about the history of music and explore issues of style and culture.  These supporting studies help students to understand the context of music that they hear around them as well as the different styles they learn to play on an instrument.

Some classes are specifically used to enable students to achieve Grade 5 Theory. Others offer support for those taking GCSE, AS and A2 exams. The supporting studies classes also prepare students for the grade exam aural tests.

All CYM students up to Year 10 attend supporting studies classes. Students from Year 11 can opt out but many choose to continue.

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